TFEL is developed using the Apache Subversion open source version control system held on a CEA private server. CEA traditional partners (EDF and Areva) can request an account on this server to access the TFEL repository).

As we do wish that many people get involved in TFEL/MFront usage and development, the subversion repository used by CEA and EDF is alo synchronized with a public githbub repository:

All the branches, commit description and history of TFEL are available. This repository is read-only.

Access Subversion repository (read/write)

The TFEL repository is accessible at:

This server is used for historical and practical reasons.

This server is not meant to receive a wide number of contributors, so the access is currently restricted. Access can be granted to the .

We may consider moving to another server if the number of contributors grows significantly.

Access through a proxy

If you want to use the svn command line through a network using a proxy, you must edit your servers configuration file to indicate which proxy to use (see the subversion FAQ for details).

The files location depends on your operating system. On Linux or Unix it is located in the directory ~/.subversion. On Windows it is in %APPDATA%\Subversion (Try echo %APPDATA%, note this is a hidden directory.).

You shall then add the following lines to this file:

http-proxy-host = XXXXX 
http-proxy-port = XXXXX
http-proxy-username = XXXXX
http-proxy-password = XXXXX