mfm is a tool that allow querying a library about the entry points defined by MFront. Depending on the interface, an entry point can be a class name, a function, a name of an entity that will be registered in an abstract factory when the library is loaded, etc…

$ mfront --obuild --interface=aster ImplicitNorton.mfront 
Treating target : all
The following library has been built :
- :  asterimplicitnorton
th202608@pleiades098:/tmp$ mfm src/ 
- asterimplicitnorton


The entry points can be filtered. The following filters are available:

Filters are based on case-insensitive regular expressions.

Other command line options

Apart from filters, mfm also have the following options:


$ mfm --filter-by-material='M5' --filter-by-type=material_property --filter-by-name='.*YoungModulus.*' --filter-by-interface=castem --show-libs  $(find . -type f)
- ./lib/ M5_YoungModulus
- ./lib/ M5_YoungModulus_Crocodile2015
- ./lib/ M5_YoungModulus_MATPRO2001