This is mainly a bug fix version of the 3.1 series. All tickets solved are described below.

Tickets fixed

Ticket #139: Invalid system flags when using the official castem.h header for Cast3M 2018

The castem.h header relies on the definition of some system flags to work appropriately (in particular to define the cast_int typedef). This file changed in Cast3M 2018. The system flags defined by TFEL/MFront (-DSUN -DUNIX64 or -DSUN -DUNIX32) were no more appropriate under Linux and had to be changed to -DLINUX64 or -DLINUX32.

For more details, see:

Ticket #138: Profiling is broken when one of the following code blocks is defined: @APrioriTimeStepScalingFactor, @APosterioriTimeStepScalingFactor, @AdditionalConvergenceChecks

For more details, see:

Ticket #136: Removing unwanted output statements in windows

The integration errors are reported on the standard output, since the Cast3M interface does not have any output for error messages.

This can be cumbersome, in particular when driving the simulation from the behaviour.

The Cast3M interface now checks if the CASTEM_DISPLAY_ERROR_MESSAGE variable environment is defined. If it is set to any value different from true, no error message is displayed.

In bash:


In the Windows shell:


For more details, see:

Ticket #135: Declaration error of ‘material_properties_nb’ in CyranoBehaviourHandler with the cyrano interface

The default version of the CyranoTraits class did not provide the material_properties_nb and internal_state_variables_nb members.

As a consequence, the trouble appeared when the behaviour did not support the AxisymmtricalGeneralisedPlaneStress modelling hypotheses, which is the main modelling hypothesis used in Cyrano. This case was not tested.

For more details, see:

Ticket #134: The MFRONT_COMPILING flag is not defined when using the CMake generator

This bug leads to the failure of the compilation of MFront files based on other MFront files (such as material properties) on Windows with the Visual C++ compiler.

For more details, see: