This document shows how to use MFront mechanical behaviour in the ZeBuLoN finite element solver. It is extracted from the zmat documentation.

This interface has been tested with the version \(8.5\) of ZeBuLoN. The files used can be downloaded here.

Compilation of the behaviour

The following instruction will compile the MFront behaviour using the zmat interface :

$ mfront --obuild --interface=zmat norton.mfront

Usage in ZeBuLoN

The generated library must be placed in a directory registered by the ZEBUPATH environment variable. The generated library is then automatically loaded at ZeBuLoN start-up and all the behaviours are available.

The behaviour can then be used as standard ZMAT behaviour:

***behavior Norton
   YoungModulus 150e9
   PoissonRatio   0.33
   A[0] 8.e-67
   A[1] 1.
   E 8.2
 **out_of_bounds_policy Strict
   epsilon 1.e-12