Organisation of the svn repository

Access to the svn repository is described here.

The root of the svn repository is split in three directories:

Build systems and testing

TFEL supports two build systems (see the installation page for details). Although the cmake is the preferred build system, the support for the autotools is still mandatory.

New developments shall compile with both build systems. However, new tests can only be added in the cmake builds system but required files shall be distributed in source package created with the autotools. This is the case for mechanical behaviours tests.

To check that TFEL compiles with both build systems, we provide the check_all script at the root of the source directory. This script can be invoked as follows:

$ $SRCDIR/check_all [-j $NBPROCS]

where SRCDIR is the path to the source directory. The -j option allows the user to specify the number of jobs that the make command is allowed to run simultaneously.

Committing to trunk is only allowed if the check_all script runs successfully