Principle of MGIS

This project aims at proving tools (functions, classes, bindings, etc…) to handle behaviours written using MFront generic interface. For information about MFront, see

Those tools are meant to be used by (FEM, FFT, etc.) solver developers. This tools are not linked to the TFEL libraries. Permissive licences have been chosen to allow integration in open-source and proprietary codes.

The MFrontGenericInterface C++ library

The project is build around the MFrontGenericInterface library. This library provides two main functions:

The library also supports handling a group of integration points though the mgis::behaviour::MaterialStateManager class.

An introduction to the C++ library may be found here

Projects using MGIS or in which MGIS can be coupled

An interface coupling


Existing bindings

The following bindings are available:

Future bindings (contributors are welcomed)

The following bindings are under consideration:

Versions, branches



This project uses code extracted from the following projects: